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Facing an incredible view

June  27, 2022

Provincial Cabinets and Flooring are here again and we are here to have a look at the kitchen and to replace it. We are going to add quite a bit of value to the suite and we will show you what we are doing. Basically, the property is facing an incredible view, so they decided to open up the wall to the kitchen. In the kitchen, we're replacing almost everything. There will be a nice cabinet above, a nice fridge, the wall will be removed to give you a nice view of nature and then round the other side, we'll build the kitchen up to the ceiling. We're also putting in a little island. We're gonna make it really awesome and cute.


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Be a Part of Our Ambassador Program!

Invite your friends to get  5% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase, 40% OFF + FREE PST  on your own kitchen purchase.

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The big show-stopper (Island at the center)

June 24 , 2022

Provincial cabinets and flooring at the Reidy's residence. We've added a little extension to their beautiful home. Starting out with lots of lights and a big window looking out on their beautiful yard with a stunning view. We've got farmhouse sinks, and next to it, we've got the stove, and a fridge. But the big show-stopper will be the island at the center, which will have a bunch of seating on the ends. We're going to put triple drawer units and that's going to look fantastic. We've got a nice big pantry as well as a great coffee service. One of the windows will be cut to serve as an opening to the living room. Many thanks to the Reidy's for bringing us into this project.


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Beautiful spot in Maple Bay

June  20, 2022

Provincial Cabinets and Flooring here at the Smith residents in Maple Bay. Beautiful spot here, with lots of greenery and a nice little kitchen. What we're doing here is we're keeping the U-shape kitchen, but I think there are a few changes that are going to be dramatic. We are getting rid of the bulkhead, which was one of the biggest requests from the Smith. We are getting rid of the dust-trap cabinet above the kitchen. So we're also going to install a nice farmhouse sink, which I think will be wonderful. It will also be centered. We are going to move the dishwasher over to the end of the peninsula and make triple drawers. In their pantry, we'll extend it all the way to the door. We'll go floor to ceiling. We'd like to thank the Smiths for bringing us in. I think that they're gonna have a lovely result here. Thank you so much.


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More storage and a nice big island

June 15 , 2022

Provincial Cabinets & Flooring here. We've got here a beautiful residence with some absolutely gorgeous tall ceilings and a great room concept. What we are doing here, we're just gonna update the kitchen and add some more storage and a nice big island. We've added a big pantry around the fridge and a nice big island. That's it. Let's see how it goes!


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June  14, 2022

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Massive Transformation - Bring some warm elements

June 8 , 2022

We are going to open up their kitchen, brighten it up and bring some warm elements. First of all, we've got this really constrictive little area. We're gonna take the fridge and move it over to the other side and put on a nice pantry for extra storage. We're gonna actually open up the center and move it back a little bit. We can see it has this constrictive design. What we'll do here, we're gonna open it to have a great connection of flow to the living room. It will be a massive transformation. Thanks to the Thompson's and hopefully we take these to completion!

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Kitchen Transformation - Shawnigan Lake

June  6, 2022

Just a short distance away from the beautiful Shawnigan Lake. An exciting project is in the works involving flipping some things around. The corner on the right is always being sort of under used and the fridge is blocking us from any real workspace. And, then we've got an office space on the left that hasn't really been utilized as much as it could be. What we're gonna do, we're gonna take the fridge and center it on the left space and we're gonna put a pantry on both sides. The pantry will be moved back so that we don't have a pinch point on this beautiful peninsula. We will move the sink to the back at the corner and put a large triple drawer unit in the center, so we'll have space to do some entertaining on the other side. We are looking forward to this really nice transformation here.

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June 2, 2022

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Fireplace Transformation

May  30, 2022

Here, we've got a beautiful modern design home and we're gonna be adding some storage around the gorgeous fireplace with their stunning 16-foot ceiling. We're gonna do a bunch of triple drawers down below with floating shelves up above. We've played off a lot of asymmetrical design aesthetics here inspired by their modern kitchen. This is gonna be an absolutely stunning addition to their already beautiful home!

Shop's Kitchen Conversion

May  25 , 2022

Provincial Cabinets and Flooring here at Atwood's residence. We have beautiful shop conversions with cathedral ceilings. We're going to build a nice pantry with triple drawers and a sink here. We will also have a bar fridge and a nice little cooktop. Stay tuned to find out how much this is, how long it will take, and what it looks like!

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Rowley's Kitchen Makeover

May  17 , 2022

We are here with Mike Rowley and we will do a little transformation in their kitchen. Kitchen cabinets will be moved to the ceiling to get rid of the dust. The island will be straightened out and will definitely look gorgeous. Pantry will be put on the corner. Thank you Mike for bringing us in. This will be quite a transformation!

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May  12, 2022

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A Perfect Kitchen 

May  10 , 2022

We have here an absolutely stunning view. We gonna have a massive kitchen transformation here. So, bringing you around and tell you what's going on. We are gonna give you a rift cut oak kitchen and this is going to be extremely modern. The whole idea is gonna be dramatic. We're gonna have an island running all through the center of the kitchen. A nice, big island. And, again, a rift cut oak and this is gonna be absolutely spectacular and transformation will be stunning.

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April 28, 2022

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Erickson's Family's Kitchen

April 26 , 2022

Provincial cabinets and flooring at the Erickson residence. With this small kitchen, we created a U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula. We're coming around with cabinetries and a nice big peninsula. Changing a straight kitchen to a massive U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula will be absolutely stunning.

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April 25, 2022

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A Kitchen Update for the Rama Family's Home

April 12 , 2022

A kitchen update for the Rama family's home that will transform into a magnificent modern design using our Darlington shaker to make it more contemporary.

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April 01, 2022

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The Quality Cabinets You Want
For Less Than You Think

March 31 , 2022

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Must-Have Remodeling Ideas for Your Kitchen

There's nothing more exciting than starting a new project for a home improvement enthusiast. Clients often ask for advice when it comes to kitchen remodeling ideas. 

Getting the kitchen of your dreams should be fun and stress-free. We're excited to share these remodeling ideas with you to help you get some inspiration. Contact us now!

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Remodeling Ideas for Your Kitchen

1. The Kitchen Floor
Remodeling a kitchen often involves extending the tile on the flooring to the backsplash. Kitchen flooring comes in so many varieties, from wood to natural stone. A unique touch can be achieved by laying tile or wood in patterns such as a chevron or a herringbone.

2. The Backsplash in the Kitchen
Tile and natural stone products are available in so many stylish designs that you can enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen with this one feature. Consider using mother-of-pearl tiles for a glamorous look. Get on board with the subway tile trend for a more classic look. In a diamond pattern, lay tile or natural stone to create an eye-catching accent. Alternatively, you can create a focal point with black and white tiles.

3. The Cabinetry in the Kitchen
Take your kitchen to the next level with Provincial Cabinets kitchen remodeling ideas. You can express your style through kitchen cabinets. Many designers and homeowners are moving away from traditional white or wood cabinets. A new trend is to embrace unexpected colors such as forest green, navy blue, bright blue, and black. Get your pulse racing with an exciting color instead of white cabinets.

4. The Island and Bar Stools in the Kitchen
The addition of a kitchen island adds elegance and convenience to a home. You can also use them to grab a quick snack or breakfast while sitting on a set of bar stools. Unlike any other product, marble islands add a sense of luxury to the kitchen. Consider Perla or Blanco marble paired with a dramatic black cabinet finish. An island and countertops made of natural stone or marble exude luxury. Make your kitchen truly bold and unique by stepping out of your comfort zone.

5. The Faucets and Sinks
Luxury sinks and faucets today come in a variety of finishes including copper, gold, brass, and nickel. Matte black faucets, on the other hand, are very popular. Although these finishes are trendy now, they are also classics that will last a lifetime. 

6. The Hardware
Nickel, gold, and brass are in vogue right now. There's a reason for that! With dark hues like those suggested above, these brilliant finishes look stunning. Bright gold hardware looks stunning on navy blue cabinets! Invest in metallic hardware such as brass or gold for a kitchen that shines.

7. The Storage in the Kitchen
When it comes to adding more storage to your kitchen, you can do a lot. Slide-out shelves, toe-kick drawers, and cabinets for cutting boards, cookie sheets, and lids are all options. There is also a built-in drawer containing utensil canisters. A more creative solution would be to have a drawer for chopping produce and a hole that leads to a trash can underneath. Under the sink, you could also install a pull-out drawer for easier access. Having a built-in linen rack makes it easier to store, and your linens won't wrinkle as easily if you often host parties. Having innovative kitchen storage options can make life so much easier

8. Storage for Appliances
It can be challenging to lift heavy appliances like cake mixers onto your counter. It is much easier to manage appliances if you install a cabinet that lifts them at eye level. 

Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Small Kitchens

March 17, 2022

Remodeling a small kitchen doesn't have to be complex and expensive. Depending on your budget, you can choose a mix of materials and innovative designs that fit your kitchen perfectly.

Maybe you cannot stand the current condition of your kitchen, the old one broke down, you moved into a new house, or you just got inspired to make changes. 

If you have a very small kitchen design, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make major changes. 

Add textures, fixtures, and function with a mix of affordable modern and traditional upgrades for a dazzling look.

Here are some of the best small kitchen ideas that will really change your kitchen outlook.

1. Check out the kitchen design gallery - A gallery kitchen was originally created for compact areas like on boats. In case you live in a house with limited space, then a gallery design can come in handy.

2. Simplify it - A small kitchen's primary function is meal preparation, so focus on the essential appliances and workspaces. By minimizing your small kitchen's clutter, you're sure to create the illusion of space and a sense of order.

3. Let it shine - Adding under-cabinet lighting to your small kitchen will give it the appearance of being more spacious. Finally, add dimmers to the ceiling lights and brighten them.

4. Utilize flexible or open storage options -  Consider using pot racks, shelving, magnetic spice racks, and knives holders instead of top cabinets. Use wire panel shelves alone or together with ordinary shelves to make the most of your space instead of shelving.

5. Consider an island table for your kitchen - Tables instead of kitchen islands are one of the kitchen remodeling ideas that pay off in the long run. It adds working space yet adds functionality to your kitchen and makes it more user-friendly. Additional storage compartments can also be added beneath the table.

6. Use large and bold floor tiles - Small pieces result in many grout lines that make the room look busy and cramped. With fewer grout lines, your floor will appear larger. Choosing a color for the floor and large floor tiles will enable you to create a fantastic floor design for your small kitchen.

7. Choose the right sink - Sink counters made popular in the kitchen design industry might not be best suited for a small kitchen. A single sign would be good for the unused corner of the house.

8. Adding a roll-out pantry -  In a small kitchen, space is a limiting factor. If you do not have enough for a closet pantry, you can choose a roll-out pantry. It is easy to pull out the pantry to see what's inside and then roll it back when no longer needed.

9. Think about a crisp color scheme - A neutral color scheme will make your kitchen feel lighter and more spacious. The colors apple crisp, cream, beige, popped corn, and chai latte are also great for reflecting light inside your kitchen and making it feel spacious.

Why Provincial Cabinets? 

March 10, 2022

Provincial Cabinets exacting specifications and classification standards keep our cabinets out of landfills and give Canadians an alternative to the current disposable market. Solid luxury cabinets have never been more accessible to Canadians. Provincial Cabinets and Flooring โ€“ The kitchen you want for less than you think!

Smith Family Home

March 8, 2022

โ€œProgress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.โ€ โ€“ George Bernard Shaw. Making changes to create a perfect kitchen for the Smithโ€™s family home.

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March 07, 2022

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Smith Residence

March 1, 2022

โ€œKitchens should be designed around whatโ€™s truly important โ€“ FUN, FOOD and LIFE.โ€ โ€“ Daniel Boulud. Provincial Cabinets will do everything possible to provide you with the best quality products and services to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

30% OFF Site Wide Flash Sale and 50% OFF on Design

February 23, 2022

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Jennifer Newsome's Consultation

February 20, 2022

Really excited about this project! We will be doing a really efficient and quick but incredible transformation on this home. You're going to be really impressed with how much we can do with how little in this space.