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Imagine designing your dream kitchen from the comfort of your own home, guided by a dedicated professional available at your fingertips. At Provincial Cabinets, our real-time design technology makes this a reality, offering an unparalleled experience where you can interact with and modify 3D models of your space. Our designers aren't just skilled—they bring years of expertise to ensure your vision is perfectly realized. They are always accessible, ready to make adjustments and refine your design anytime, ensuring every detail aligns with your expectations. With us, you're not just designing a kitchen; you're crafting a tailored space that truly feels like your own.

Box Cabinets

Our box cabinets are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, common features include solid hardwood drawers with English dovetail joinery for enduring strength. Each cabinet box is constructed from high-quality plywood with a beautiful birch veneer. Soft close hardware throughout, providing a seamless and quiet operation. These premium materials and features reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional cabinetry to every client.

Custom Fronts

Pair our stock or custom boxes with bespoke fronts, from durable high-pressure laminate to authentic wood options, all crafted from the comfort of your home. At Provincial Cabinets, our real-time design platform and expert guidance allow you to easily customize your look. Whether you prefer modern or classic styles, our dedicated professionals are here to help you create cabinetry that is distinctively yours, combining quality with personalized design.


Like our cabinets price to quality ratio is important. Integrating flooring installation with cabinetry ensures a cohesive and stylish finish. Our durable and aesthetically pleasing flooring options are designed to complement our custom cabinetry perfectly. Trust us to handle both with the highest standards of excellence.


Provincial Cabinets extends its quality-driven approach to countertops, collaborating with trusted companies to coordinate and streamline your project. By working cooperatively, we ensure a seamless integration of countertops with our cabinetry, enhancing both functionality and style. Trust our collaborative expertise to deliver a polished and cohesive look for your space.


We prioritize a swift and efficient installation process to minimize downtime and get your kitchen up and running quickly. Our experienced installers focus on precision and speed, ensuring your space is transformed with minimal disruption. With careful planning and effective communication, we deliver a seamless installation experience that restores your kitchen’s functionality in no time. Trust us for quick, professional service that doesn’t compromise on quality.

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