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Level your Kitchen and Countertops

February 07, 2022

How important is it to make sure that your cabinets and countertops are really leveled? You don't want to put an egg on your counter and see that roll off and have to make scrambled eggs! To level your cabinets, we use German Laser Level and that will give us the idea of level from one side of the other.

Hardwoods for Your Cabinets

February 04, 2022

We use hardwood frames on this beautiful cabinet that we're gonna be putting in this pantry unit. Hardwood gives extra strength and gives structure and stability to your cabinets. This makes Provincial Cabinets very strong, and we're super proud of them.

Rob and Rubeena Siblings - Kitchen Renovation for their Mom

January 28 , 2022

A simple kitchen renovation for Rob and Rubeena's mom. We will keep the layout the same, but add more counterspace and raise cabinets for additional storage.

Thank you Cindy for the Cheese Session

January 24 , 2022

As we’re doing Cindy Brady’s kitchen, she really impressed us with her impromptu cheese session, a little homemade tahini, some peppers, and cheese potter fan. Just a sweetheart!