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We want you to know the status of your project at any time. Transparency is very important to us at Provincial Cabinets. It’s an integral part of how we work with clients who want to build their dream kitchen, bathroom or mudroom. Our 7-step process lets you know what’s going on at any point.


You’re not just any customer! We want to make sure you have all the information necessary on your project. As we start on you first project, we’ll send you an informative email with helpful company details and a little about what’s in store for you.

We’ll include various examples of projects we’ve worked on with people like yourself. We’ll also attach a calendar link directly to the Founder of Provincial Cabinets, Ross, so you can book your on-site consultation at your most convenient time.


During our first meeting, we’ll explore what style of kitchen will best match your needs and wants for your home. From there, we’ll measure out the space that we’ll work with so it fits your vision perfectly.

The goal of the on-site consultation is to get inspired and excited about what can happen by sharing results of previous projects and capturing your desires. We’ll also document the measurements of the available space.


At Provincial Cabinets, we do not follow the “one size fits all” approach. Each project deserves a custom design to make it your dream space.

The Design step includes a detailed design discussion, where we will go in-depth about what type of furniture will best suit your needs – from cabinets, to desks for an office, to storage options that will organize a kids room. How much countertop space do you need? These questions will help define the look, feel and functionality of your home, while keeping you within your budget.

 We measure the space, build a 3D computer model and then begin the process of design. In the model, right before your eyes, we can remove walls, move fridges, sinks and drag and drop cabinets. All this is done cooperatively and collaboratively based on your direction. This is your space after all! Once you sign off on the rough draft, then photorealistic drawings follow. You’ll see your kitchen perfectly in computer-generated realism before a single hammer drops. Good design is everything and our designs are world class. 


After you approve the design, we can start estimating materials for your project. Then, we’ll finalize the plans with you, identifying which appliances need to be installed, such as microwaves and dishwashers. We’ll provide you with 3D renderings to give you an accurate idea how your space will look at the end.

In this step, we will have you sign the plans to make sure everything we put in the design meets your approval. Once the plan is approved, we’ll ask you to fund at least 50% of the total. 


Your project is underway! We’ll check on the availability of all the materials needed. This will help us determine the ideal timeframe for the installation schedule. We’ll be in close contact with you throughout the entire process, from ordering materials to delivering to your location, so you’ll know what’s coming up next and can prepare accordingly.



It’s one of the most important steps in a project – installation. Our team has everything covered through every step, from installing cabinet boxes to adjusting doors and accessory hinges, and mitering moldings.

We stand by what we do with a warranty, so no matter how rough things get during installation, or even if something breaks within the first year, it will be made good without any hassle on your end.


We’ll make sure all the finishing touches are completed – all the cabinets are fitting properly and the countertops are polished. It will look like a whole new space within your home. Congratulations!

We will continue to provide a seamless experience long after installation is complete. We want to ensure all final items are addressed and there is nothing left on our list. The only thing you’ll need to do now is to start enjoying your new space.


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