War on Disposable Cabinetry – Provincial Cabinets

War on Disposable Cabinetry

1-2-3-4. We declare a war on disposable cabinetry.
1. This is our new weapon in the war against disposable cabinetry, a 45 degree bevel on a wood door, 50% off. We can also take these beautiful white cabinets and paint them any custom color, from Barbie core pink all the way to Farrow and Ball's beautiful black licorice.

2. Our next offer is a free design with purchase.

3. If you buy this brand new white shaker on Black Friday, you will have all your shipping paid.

4. Purchase on Black Friday, this white shaker and you will get an additional 10% off making it 60% below our regular price.

Also know that on Boxing Day, our whole e-commerce site is going to be on sale including our universal boxes that can be used for completely custom fronts. Come up with any front in any design, any color with any wood species that you can possibly imagine. And we will make it for you.

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