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Top 5 Things That Make Kitchen Renovation so Stressful

In renovations and contracting. The number one most stressful thing to do is to take a kitchen in a functioning house offline. Here are the top five things that make kitchen renovation so stressful.

One, design. If there's nothing more stressful than design, I don't know what it is. The traditional approach to interior design is to have a console. The consultant goes away, does a little bit of work and brings it back and tells you what you want. Then in the best-case scenario, you review the material, make some changes, they go back and they produce something that's perfect.

In a real-life scenario. It can mean hundreds of emails and months and months of work here at Provincial. We have completely redefined the design process. We come into your home, we zoom in a designer. They share their screen, we measure up the space and create a three-dimensional model. Then you and the designer in the room and the designer at a remote location all work together to design your space in real time. This process enables you to be the designer. You are completely empowered to design your space, how you need it. Don't let someone else tell you what you want, get pricing instantly after your design session. Don't spend months of your life and hundreds of emails when you can do a design session with Provincial in the comfort of your own home in about an hour and a half. Lastly, with design, our designs are completely free with purchase.

Two, speed. It's not just the design that is incredibly efficient here at Provincial, but we carry over 4000 individual items in stock where companies can take months and months. If not even a year from design to completion, we can do it in as little as a couple of weeks.

Three, the headaches of construction—they're absolutely real, and they can be completely crushing at times. This program will help you access the community of some of the best tradespeople that this nation has to offer, take the stress out of having horrible tradespeople in your home or quality.

Four, Quality. Not only will they provide stress, but they may even damage your property. If it's not on your radar, it should be and it should be your number one priority. It's not just mother nature, but it's also your pocketbook that will benefit, choose quality materials, not sawdust, wrapped in plastic, choose traditional materials that have been used for centuries.

Five price. It should be your last concern, but often it's the number one priority for everyone. Quickly becoming known as the Costco Cabinets. We are a true wholesaler, just like Costco we run an incredibly small margin in Canada. The average cabinet job in a kitchen was $30,000. Our profit margin was $740. That's a 2.4% profit margin hit.