The Massive Slabs That Really Gives A Luxury Feel – Provincial Cabinets

The Massive Slabs That Really Gives A Luxury Feel


Hey everyone, Ross Mitchell provincial cabinets and flooring here. We got another 45 degree kitchen. A functional kitchen but there's just not enough storage. So what we're gonna do here is we're going to really change this bank. So, we're going to be flipping this around. We are still working on the model, but we're going to show it off here. We've got more uppers. We've got the hood vent on the other side. Some more triple drawers for really functional storage. We'll put a couple of floating shelves on the side that will tie in really nicely on a new flooring we'll put in here. The other side is going to be quite impressive. We'll put a microwave oven and a little counter top in here. And we'll have the coffee station. There will be a space for the fridge and then the pantry at the end. That's it, a really nice simple kitchen!

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