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That's Going To Make A Huge Difference

Provincial Cabinets and Flooring are here on this beautiful location to get some improvement on the kitchen. So the improvements will be: the number one request is to have cabinets that go through the ceiling, number two request is to get rid of the bulkhead if there's a bulkhead if there's a bulkhead, so we're doing both of those things here. Another great idea is we're going to take the fridge and we're going to move it over to the other area and we're gonna frame that with cabinetry. And then, over on the other side, on the sink window, we've got a beautiful farmhouse sink, which is going to really bring in some of that period peace. And, another really balanced wall. And then we've got our little recycling drawer next to the dishwasher. And then the big game changer is going to be the pantry fridge wall. That's going to make a huge difference also to really open up the space. We are excited how this kitchen improvement will come after we finish it. Thank you so much from Provincial Cabinets and Flooring!

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