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Real Mark Of Luxury And Elegance

We are here at the Russell residence. We'll show you here the quality of the cabinets we are working with. You can see the insides of them. We've got here a beautiful birch veneer with a solid hardwood frame. Here we have a European style hinge on a solid hardwood, birch frame. And then lastly, what we just wanted to show you is the drawer that we're working with. There's a lot of weight here, a lot of strength, and you've got your English Dovetail joinery, which makes a big difference. Such a handsome joint, real mark of luxury and elegance and then underclothes soft mount hardware. These are adjustable so the guys can make sure that everything is fitting really nicely. So yeah, you got something really, really solid. They're absolutely stunning, always non disposable, so you can refinish all of this. We're also officially announcing our guarantee buyback program for cabinetry. We'll take back any cabinetry at any time and refinish them and put them back on the market. So we're particularly proud of that. It shows just our belief in our cabinetry. Thank you so much from Provincial Cabinets and flooring.

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