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Making It A Little Bit More Functional

Provincial Cabinets and Flooring are here at the beautiful heritage in Oak Bay. Here, we're keeping a lot of the same layout, but we're making it a little bit more functional. So, he has a five month old child and it's definitely time to strengthen the battlements and get ready for this next step in their life. So what are we doing here? We've got these beautiful new fridges coming in. We're going to do double storage and it's going to take us right up to the fridge. We're also putting in a nice 15 inch pantry here. We're moving the sink and dishwasher and making a nice big triple drawer unit. So they'd be able to put their utensils and lots of other things in here. So then we're heading over to the pantry wall and we're creating a big pantry unit here. We're going to do a built-in microwave in here and then a little recycle station I think will be very, very functional. Here is a video that shows all the details of our renovation. Thank you for having us here.

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