Beautiful Spot In Maple Bay – Provincial Cabinets

Beautiful Spot In Maple Bay

Provincial Cabinets and Flooring here at the Smith residents in Maple Bay. Beautiful spot here, with lots of greenery and a nice little kitchen. What we're doing here is we're keeping the U-shape kitchen, but I think there are a few changes that are going to be dramatic. We are getting rid of the bulkhead, which was one of the biggest requests from the Smith. We are getting rid of the dust-trap cabinet above the kitchen. So we're also going to install a nice farmhouse sink, which I think will be wonderful. It will also be centered. We are going to move the dishwasher over to the end of the peninsula and make triple drawers. In their pantry, we'll extend it all the way to the door. We'll go floor to ceiling. We'd like to thank the Smiths for bringing us in. I think that they're gonna have a lovely result here. Thank you so much.

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