A Bunch Of Pantry Walls Up To The Ceiling – Provincial Cabinets

A Bunch Of Pantry Walls Up To The Ceiling

We are here at the Turner residents and we're gonna have a really big transformation here. The Turner's have been having a lot of trouble with their storage here. And so we're adding a lot of storage spaces and we're pretty much happy to see this thing. We're going to put a recycle unit in the middle of the kitchen, with triple drawers, and add dishwashers on the other side of the sink. And on the other wall, it is where the big changes are going to happen! We're gonna have a bunch of pantry walls up to the ceiling. Watch this out and see the full detailed plan of this transformation. So that's it, we really just want to thank Turner's for having us here. I think this is going to be a very spectacular transformation!

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