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A $29,000 Kitchen Will Cost Us Around $15,000

We're here in a beautiful heritage house. And what we're going to be doing here is an update of their kitchen and they wanted to have a little bit of an island and wanted to be to look out this way. Let's talk about the model. So this is what we've done. We'll move the peninsula onto the other side. We're also been done another pantry here. We could even put cabinetry in front of the washer/dryer. The thing that we're most proud of is that we had another contractor in here. They do IKEA stuff install. This was a $29,000 kitchen and we're going to be aiming at around $15,000. So, they're getting a non disposable cabinetry like Ikea. With this design, they get an extremely functional and beautiful product. They could use some of that $15,000 to extend the ceilings up to achieve this beautiful balding. We probably would have 10 feet for the ceilings. With this budget, we'll be able to afford this kitchen and even have a bit left over for the grandkids. So that's that's it for us.

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