Rustic Lodges At Seabreeze – Provincial Cabinets

Rustic Lodges At Seabreeze

Provincial Cabinets & Flooring are now in one of the rustic lodges here at Seabreeze. The first thing we might do is to declutter or do some work on the upper portion of their kitchen. The space is really tight and we don't know how much we can accomplish here, but we'll certainly look into it. At the other end of the kitchen, we might clean up the space with a refrigerator panel, move the microwave oven, and install another unit at the top, but we'll see what the design says, and we'll learn exactly what Seabreeze Lodges wants. With this incredible view, you don't need much. We are extremely thankful to Seabreeze lodge for bringing in Provincial Cabinets and Flooring!

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