Kitchen Transformation - Shawnigan Lake – Provincial Cabinets

Kitchen Transformation - Shawnigan Lake

Just a short distance away from the beautiful Shawnigan Lake. An exciting project is in the works involving flipping some things around. The corner on the right is always being sort of under used and the fridge is blocking us from any real workspace. And, then we've got an office space on the left that hasn't really been utilized as much as it could be. What we're gonna do, we're gonna take the fridge and center it on the left space and we're gonna put a pantry on both sides. The pantry will be moved back so that we don't have a pinch point on this beautiful peninsula. We will move the sink to the back at the corner and put a large triple drawer unit in the center, so we'll have space to do some entertaining on the other side. We are looking forward to this really nice transformation here.